Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional

For those who need subsidiary assistance, our college has a support system under PTPTN.  The following are the terms and conditions with regards to such assistance:

  1. Malaysian citizen.
  2. At the time of application, age must be below 45 years old.
  3. Must have achieved SPM or O Level qualification.
  4. Must be enrolled in an accredited programme of study (Diploma or Degree) that is approved by MQA and MOHE.
  5. Must meet the entry requirements for the accredited programme as approved by MQA and MOHE:
  6. Applicants must not be under any other sponsorship.
  7. At the time of application, the remaining study period for the programme must be more than one (1) year.

The maximum amount of loan for Diploma Programmes (based on programme taken by student)

1.Purchase PIN : Go to any Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) branch and purchase the PIN for PTPTN Loan Application at RM5.00 or via online at http://www.ptptn.gov.my/elmas-pin-purchase-web/#register.

2. Submit loan application online : Students must personally submit their loan application online following the step

a. Go to the PTPTN website at http://www.ptptn.gov.my/

b. Complete the PTPTN Loan Application Form online with accurate details

c. Tarikh Mula Pengajian : Refers to Intake

d. Submit the PTPTN Loan Application Form online

e. Approval will be received 7 working dates after the closing dates.

3. The application approval status at the PTPTN website 7 (seven) working days after the closing date.  PTPTN will send an SMS to notify applicants of their loan status.

3.1. Rejected online application: Students whose application has been rejected, need to re apply in the next submisstion date (Base on “Julat” PTPTN – KYSB intake) which are Jun – July, Sept – Oct, Jan – Feb.

3.2. Approved Online Application : The PTPTN shall notify the students that their online application has been approved via registered e-mail.  The final date to submit documents at the Registry will also be included.

4. Preparation of Documents.

4.1. This is applicable to students who decide to accept the approved online application for PTPTN loan.

4.2. Applicants must note the following for the Approved Agreement Form :

a. Download the agreement from the PTPTN website

b. Print two (2) sets

c. Sign both sets of agreement using black ink only

d. Purchase two (2) Setem Hasil for the agreement

4.3. One common date must be used on all forms.  Sign pages which require signature.

4.4. Do not use liquid paper for correction.  Do not staple the Agreement Form.

4.5 . Applicants must enclose their Letter of Offer as their supporting document.

4.6. All documents must be submitted to the Registry for vetting before the deadline given.  Late submission will not be entertained.

4.7. The witness signature from the student side must be sign by Government officer only.

4.8. The University shall submit the documents to PTPTN on behalf of the students for their final approval.

5. Insurance Coverage.

5.1. All students who receive PTPTN loan must take the insurance coverage provided.  This is to protect the loan amount taken based on the study period and loan repayment period.

5.2. PTPTN shall appoint the insurance company and deduct the payment for the insurance coverage from the total loan approved.

5.3. The premium paid for insurance coverage will be deducted before the loan amount is disbursed into the designated Maybank / MBB savings account.

5.4. At the time of application, the remaining study period for the programme must be more than one (1) year.

  1. Once PTPTN has accepted, all the submitted documents and approved the loan application, the loan is disbursed directly into the designated MBB savings account.
  2. The first loan disbursement is usually one (1) month after the Approved Agreement Form and supporting document is sent to the PTPTN Office.
  3. Disbursements are made base on semester.
  4. There may be delayed disbursement if you are undergoing internship or work placement.
  5. Loan disbursement for subsequent semesters is based on academic performance. i.e, you must attain either a 40% semester average or 2.0 GPA
  6. In most cases, students may have to top up on fees.
  7. Interest is charged at 1% per annum on the total loan amount.

The loan disbursement will be suspended for a particular semester for any the following reason:

  1. Poor academic performance
    • Semester average is below 40%
    • GPA is less than 2.0
  2. Deferment of studies

The loan will be terminated when a student fails to continue in the programme of study as stipulated in the loan agreement.  When a loan is terminated, student is required to pay the loan amount taken during the duration of study.  If a student is unable to pay the amount taken during the duration of study, a written appeal must be submitted to PTPTN.

PTPTN loan can be cancelled if a student decides to withdraw from the programme of study as stipulated in the agreement.  Student will need to completet the “Borang Pembatalan Pembiayaan”, which is available at the PTPTN website.  When a loan is cancelled, student is required to pay the loan amount taken during the duration of study.

Other information :-

  1. If a student is progressing from a diploma programme to a degree programme, they can apply for the PTPTN Loan within the next submission date.
  2. Students are required to begin their loan payments twelve (12) months after completing their programme of study.
  3. If a student is transferring from one program to another halfway through their study period, the relevant form must be completed by the student. (form is on the PTPTN website “Borang Pertukaran Kursus”).  Students are allowed to transfer only if they are progressing to the next semester in the new program.
  4. Degree students who achieve First Class Honours may have their loan converted into full scholarship.  Students will have to complete their studies within the 3 year study period.  Extension of semester will not be eligble for the waiver or any payment from PTPTN.