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Register via online at and click apply here.
I. Register via online II. Selection and evaluation a. Interested candidates will apply via online application on the college website. The marketing department will determine the eligibility of the student to enroll; the student must meet the minimum entry requirement that has been set. III. Offer Letter a. The college will notify the shortlisted candidate by email attached with forms to be completed prior to payment for registration fee. b. Documents included: - Offer Letter - Application Letter - Payment form - Parents & Guardian consent form - Document checklist IV. Application a. Interested candidates will complete their registration at the college along with completed forms and registration fee; amount as stated on the payment form.
As a sponsorship student, your sponsoring body will provide us your name. We will email you our offer letter along with the date and time of the Registration and Orientation Day. Then, you need to register yourself, along with the required documents at KYSB
For existing students, the college will send the offer letter to all private and sponsored students. For sponsored students, the tuition fee will be billed to their respective sponsoring body by the Finance Department and this will be posted into the system.
You can submit your document via email at
You must fill the withdrawal form and submit to the admission officer.
Yes, you may apply directly to the New Zealand university upon receiving your Foundation results.
You can still further your Bachelor Degree at UniTen or UPM.
Students can further their Bachelor Degree at UniTen or UPM.
Accommodation is provided with meals for the Foundation Year. For Year 1 Degree programme, you will need to rent a room/house with your friends.
A: ● Private students – SPM 5As (English, Mathematics, Principal Account/Add Maths/Economics, & any other two supporting subjects). ● JPA-MARA Scholarships – (BM, Mathematics, Pendidikan Islam / Pendidikan AlQuran dan As-Sunnah / Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah / Pendidikan Moral & 2 other supporting subjects) at least A- in English and Sejarah
A major usually takes up less than half of the degree, so you may choose to do a double major and focus on two different subjects. This doesn’t increase the workload or make the degree longer — you still complete 360 points worth of courses.
It will depend on your university. You can check the fee with them.


Yes 10% off provided with proof.
You will need to register through the website . Our Admission & Records will send an offer letter to you and you will need to : Accept the offer. Formal registration will take place.
3 credits (MA: 3 credits (MQA’s requirement) Including Credits in Maths, Pass in English.
KYSB Diploma in Accounting programme is accredited by MICPA. You can continue to do your 9 months (4 modules) MICPA Professional Stage Examination. The Professional Stage is designed as a fast-track route for accredited DIA holders to obtain a professional qualification.
The learning will be as normal (face to face), but KYSB adheres to the Government’s SOPs.
The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification is a foundation level program toward obtaining the professional qualifications under the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). CAT provides students with adequate technical skills and knowledge. This UK programme is a combination of studies and practical experience designed to build knowledge in accountancy, finance and tax.
The Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is a leading international professional accountancy body incorporated by the Royal Charter in the UK. Founded in 1904, ACCA offers first-choice Chartered Certified Accountant qualifications for those with ambition and talents as well as for those seeking a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA members are among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after professionals and they work in every sector you can imagine.
A: CAT Qualifications - Entry Requirements Students must have 5 SPM credits (grade C or above, including English and Mathematics), or LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Accounting or equivalent. B: ACCA Qualifications - Entry Requirement 2 principal passes at STPM (grade C or above), PLUS 3 credits at SPM (grade C or above or grades 1-6)(in five separate subjects including Mathematics and English) Unified Examination Certification (UEC) 5 subjects with grade B (including English and Maths) 2 passes at GCE A Level/Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate (grades A-E or 9-4) PLUS 3 passes at GCE O Level/Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate (grades A-C or 1-6)(in five separate subjects including Mathematics & English) Students from CAT Qualification will be exempted from ACCA’s Applied knowledge level Any relevant degree programme (exemptions up to 9 papers)
CAT has 9 papers. CAT Papers (exemptions available) Subjects (On-demand Computer-based examination)
ACCA have 13 papers. If you are from Accounting Degree, you are exempted from 9 papers. So there will be only 4 papers for you to sit for.
MICPA-CAANZ Programme is a unique collaboration between MICPA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) which offers 2 qualifications and memberships upon completion of the following components undertaken in tandem: ● 5 modules of the Programme (Financial Accounting and Reporting (FIN), Management Accounting and Applied Finance (MAAF), Taxation (TAX), Audit and Assurance (AAA)). ● 3 years of mentored approved work experience with an Approved Training Employer Graduates of this Programme are entitled to memberships with both MICPA and CAANZ, and therefore the use of 2 titles – Certified Public Accountant, Malaysia or CPA (M), and Chartered Accountant, Australia & New Zealand or CA (ANZ).

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