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The Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Year 1) study programme is the continuation of the Foundation in Commerce (FiC) programme that is offered at KYS Business School. This is the first year of a three-year bachelor degree programme, and represents the second year of the Malaysian component of the programme.

Students are required to complete eight core courses that are offered by Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, and one core course that has been specially designed by the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury for students at KYS Business School. The assessments (mid-term tests and final examinations) of these core courses are set and moderated by the university academics in New Zealand. Each trimester, students will enrol in three of these core courses, which is a typical arrangement for students who are doing the same bachelor degree in New Zealand universities. Students are required to pass all these courses to ensure they collect 120 academic points for entry into the New Zealand universities to continue with the Year 2 degree programme.

To guarantee quality assurance in the delivery of this programme at KYS Business School, all lecturers are appointed in consultation with Victoria University of Wellington. This is just one of the many measures put in place to ensure KYS Business School satisfies the New Zealand universities’ partnership requirements. International and local lecturers and tutors complement each other in providing a challenging and meaningful teaching and learning experience for students. At the end of this one-year programme, students are prepared to move on to New Zealand, and excel at their chosen New Zealand University to complete their degree qualification.




  • Passed 120 points (50 credit hours) of the Foundation Programme at KYS Business School
  • IB: 30 Points
  • A-Level : BBC with relevant subjects
  • STPM : 3.00 CGPA
  • Diploma : 3.00 CGPA
  • UEC 3 : 5 A2 or minimum 10 points
  • IELTS : 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 on each component)

Course Features

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  • Duration 35 hours
  • Students 26
  • Assessments Yes