Prof. Dato. Dr. Abu Abdullah (Dr.Abu) joined KYS Business School (KYSB) early this year.   With more than 34 years of diverse experience, spanning from the education to management, Dr. Abu was anointed Chief Executive (CE) of KYSB on 10th March 2020.

Impressively, after completing his BSc. in Production Engineering at Birmingham University, UK, Dr. Abu pursued a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) locally.  He reflected a keen interest in education, obtaining an MSc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (1991) and consecutively, successfully secured his doctorate in Manufacturing Engineering in 1996 – both at Warrick University, UK.

As a result thereafter his PGCE, Dr. Abu began establishing his mark in the education landscape; initially, as a lecturer in Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Polytechnic, Kuantan, Pahang (January 1985 – 1999), and later, as the Assistant Professor at IIUM from 1992-2000.  He was then in the Prime Minister’s Office between 2004-2006 as the Director in the office of Science Advisor.  The following 14 years observed Dr. Abu in lead positions at higher learning institutions especially UTeM (Melaka) namely as their:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs, 2006-2008), and their
  • Director for Advanced Manufacturing Centre (2019-2020).

His stint as the President of Cyberjaya Univerisity College of Medical Science (CUCMS), though brief (2010-2012), would infer his inclusion of sciences and engineering as part of KYSB’s future.  Previously, a Visiting Professor at Proton Berhad (2016-2017), Dr. Abu naturally would implement a formidable industrial collaboration between local production companies and KYSB’s academic think tank, in the effort of forging realistic and futuristic collaboration.

Of both worlds: management and education, Dr. Abu is a leverage for a growing institute such as KYSB.  Not only is he astute in navigating KYSB at the helm of business academia, but also in areas of science and engineering-technology to strengthen the growth and the implementation of KYSB’s future plans.  As a member of a few well-known engineering and technology boards, it yields Dr. Abu a vast canvas to draw from for this particular navigation.

Dr. Abu is weaving collaboration with not only higher institutes and industries, closer to home, but also internationally in Research and Development.  Passionate as he is, he has contributed substantially to international and local journals.  Dr. Abu discerns an institute’s value is only as good as its own product; constantly and consistently developing as well as progressing independently alongside counterparts of similar traits and aims.  Dr. Abu – a man of vision: “vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook “ (Rick Warren).

“A man of vision: vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook “ (Rick Warren).

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