Our Alumni

• To promote KYSB graduates and empower them to become better professionals, as well as to create a powerful, professional network of individuals from multiple fields of commerce.

• To encourage lifelong learning of its members in the pursuit of excellence.
• To foster a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between and among the KYSB Alumni and the current KYSB community.
• To provide an active platform for life during and after university and to protect our interests as an alumni including current and future students.
• To build a professional network that promotes career development and make an everlasting impact on our communities.

What Do We Do
•  To inspire and bridge our members with their dreams, while building a stronger bond in our community.

Alumni General Meeting

On the 27th October 2021, the Management of KYSB  met with its Alumni Association for a general discussion on matters pertaining to both parties’ cooperation in developing KYSB further. Amongst the topics discussed were: the restoration of the relationship between the alumni association and KYSB, helping the alumni to gain networking with other industries, the Alumni’s contribution to KYSB in terms of coaching and pre-departure tips which would involve monetary gains for services rendered, financial support and corporate relationship whereby KYSB receives support from the alumni in terms of the business network especially those who have started one.  The meeting began at 6.30 pm and adjourned at 9 pm over dinner at PCI Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara.