If you are planning to do degree studies in Science in New Zealand, Foundation in Science (FCertNZ) is a seamless pathway for Malaysian school leavers to enter any one of the eight following universities: 1). Victoria University of Wellington, 2). University of Auckland, 3). University of Canterbury, 4). University of Otago, 5). University of Waikato, 6). Massey University, 7). Auckland University of Technology, 8). Lincoln University in New Zealand. After the completion of the one-year Foundation in Science programme, you will graduate with a Foundation in Science Certificate from KYS Business School and will be on the pathway to an undergraduate degree in Science.


FCertNZ is a newly developed foundation programme for entry into all Science degrees at New Zealand universities. This one-year Foundation in Science programme enables students to gain admission into Science degree programmes in: Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, Aviation, Health Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and all other Sciences at any of the 8 New Zealand universities. Building on a collaboration agreement signed between three lead universities (University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Waikato) representing the consortium of all New Zealand Universities, the FCertNZ programme will see Malaysian students study a one-year Foundation in Science programme at the KYS Business School in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, before moving on to a New Zealand university for at least three-year undergraduate course majoring in any of the Sciences.


At KYS Business School in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, students studying for the Foundation in Science programme will be taught by international academics who have been appointed by recommendation of the Lead Partner Universities, thus exposing students to the style of teaching and learning that they will find in New Zealand. These international academics use technology-enhanced techniques, and practise new pedagogies to cater for learning diversity in their students. Students studying in our Foundation in Science programme will gain the required standard of English, be exposed to the accents of native New Zealanders in their courses and will be well prepared to move to New Zealand after one year.


The courses within the Foundation in Science programme are developed jointly between KYSB and the New Zealand universities. All the course content as well as the course assessments (assignments, tests, mid-term tests and final examinations) are set and moderated by the university academics in New Zealand, including approval of final grades. The moderation process ensures quality in the delivery of the courses, credibility of KYS Business School’s partnership, and recognition that courses are equivalent to those required by any New Zealand university.


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